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Roosters on church steeples?

by Daniel Schwarz told us to always be ready for his

In Europe, especially in Ger- coming, and that he may come at
many it is a common sight to any day or hour including at the

drive through towns and villages crowing of the rooster.” The

and see the local church with its rooster on the church steeples not

tall pointed steeple topped with a only reminds Christians of the

rooster. Many tourists may not humanity of St. Peter, but reminds

even notice, and those that do, all Christians to be vigilant for the

wonder why not a Christian cross coming again of Christ.

for a Christian church? The etching that accompanies

The rooster also known as a this article is a local village (Dorf)

cock has been used as a Christian church in Hinzweiler, Rhineland-

symbol for a long time, and most Palatinate, Germany. This is an

connected with the story of St. Evangelical Protestant Church

Peter. As far back as the 6th cen- “And Jesus said to him, ‘Truly, I dating back to the early 13th cen-

tury, Pope Gregory I declared that tell you, this very night, before tury, and part of a community

the rooster be an emblem of the rooster crows twice, you will (Gemeinde) of several churches

Christianity, and to be a reminder deny Me 3 times.” This story is (Kirchen) in the area.

of the Apostle Peter. also found in Matthew 26:31-35; The rooster can be seen

In the 9th century Pope Nich- Luke 22:31-34; and John 13:36- perched topping the church stee-

olas I ordered that a figure of a 38, where Jesus said to Peter, ple of the bell tower, and original-

rooster be prominently placed on “Before the rooster crows, you ly being the highest point in the

all church steeples. Since then in will deny Me three times.” Yes, community. As is typical with

Europe, not only Catholic, but Peter denied Him three times, and many small villages in Germany,

Protestant churches can still be was forgiven by Jesus. Peter is they share a pastor among several

seen with roosters. considered the first bishop of the villages. This particular Kirch-

In the Christian bible, four of early Christian church, and the engemeinde includes the villages

the New Testament Gospels tell first pope of the Roman Catholic of: Hinzweiler, Aschbach,

the story of the Passion of Christ Church according to Catholic Welchweiler, Hundheim, Elz-

and His words to His apostles at doctrine. weiler, and Horschbach.

The Last Supper. He said to the Another reference to a rooster The pastor for these churches

Apostle Peter in the Gospel of and Christ is found in Mark is referred to as the Gemeindep- farrer (community Pastor). The churches in the Kirchenge-

Mark 14:30, where it is written 13:35, where it is written “Jesus parishioners are given a Gottesdi- meinde).

enstplan (pastor’s church service Any questions, comments,

schedule, of when and where he please contact Dan at

will be preaching among the local
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