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The first Real German Pope Schuhplattlers presents

by Daniel Schwarz awards, installs officers

According to the Roman Cath- that, the land that is now Germany Pope Benedict XVI from page 1 of our Verein in the Metropolitan
olic Church, there have been in central Europe was a patchwork Area of Buffalo, New York. He
266 popes in a continuous line of of territories, lands, ruled by vari- So therefore, the actual first real he never came home without a always promoted activities of the
apostolic succession since the first, ous Germanic tribes, and immedi- German pope was Joseph Aloisius prize. Walter then recognized and Verein wherever his travels had
being St. Peter, apostle of Christ. ately prior to unification “Old Ratzinger, who was born April 16, called Robert Hartmann, Sr., the taken him. He was always avail-
Of these popes, eight have been of German States” ruled by various 1917 in Marktl am Inn, Bavaria, honoree, to come to the stage to able when help was needed and
Germanic origin. The first was secular and religious leaders. Germany. He was elected pope on receive a special “Bambi” wood his dedication was unwavering
Pope Boniface II (530-532CE), April 19, 2005, and he took the carving along with a framed throughout the past forty seven
who was an Ostrogoth, and lived papal name of Benedict XVI. Urkunde which read as follows: years.
in the Germanic lands of the Ro-
man Empire in central Europe. His As can be imagined, Germany For his unending dedication “Sitt und Tracht der Alten
Papacy came even before the word was proud to have their first real to our Verein for the past 47 years wollen wir Erhalten”
“Holy” was added to the “Holy German pope. It was probably sim- as
Roman Empire” in 962CE. This ilar to the Polish people when Pope Presented on January 14, 2017
was even though the Empire was Benedict XVI’s predecessor Pope Vice President 1971 – 1983 Celebrating our 84th Year.
not that holy! John Paul II was elected, being the Committee Member 1969 – The Urkunde was signed by
first ever Polish pope. 2016 Vorstand Randy Bracewell, Judy
The reason for saying “First and his unrelenting work eth- Marquardt, Secretary and Walter
Real German Pope,” is that Ger- After Pope Benedict XVI’s re- ic to further the culture and goals Wieand, Ehrenvorstand.
many as we know it today only nunciation effective Feb. 28, 2013, Upon receiving these gifts,
became a country in 1872. Prior to his successor Pope Francis, of Ar- Traditionally a pope was expected Bob Hartmann expressed his grat-
gentina was also a first from that to serve the church until death. itude for the recognition and
country. As the world is shrinking thanked the Verein for the carving
regarding travel, communication, He cited his main reason was and the Urkunde.
and politics, the church is embrac- “lack of strength of mind and This concluded the presenta-
ing and opening its leadership to its body”. His Holiness presently re- tions after which the Plattlers per-
believers in faith. sides in the Vatican in the Mater formed an Ehrentanze before
Ecclesiae monastery, where on continuing the evening with open
Pope Benedict XVI’s religious April 16 he will celebrate his 90th dancing to the tunes of “Custode
journey from ordination as a priest birthday. As Pope Emeritus Bene- and Parise Trio.” Everyone en-
in 1951, to university theologian, dict XVI has declared, he will joyed the evening’s program and
Archbishop of Munich and Freis- continue to serve the church fellowship that consumed the eve-
ing, Cardinal in 1977, and further “through a life dedicated to ning.
in 1981 appointed prefect of the prayer.” by Joanne Wieand
“Congregation for the Doctrine of
6 • • April - May 2017 the Faith”, and finally prior to be-
coming pope, was dean of the Col-
lege of Cardinals.

In a time of more secular think-
ing in Europe and around the
world, he was a beacon of faith. His
homilies, encyclicals, and engaging
books embrace the dogma and tra-
ditions of the Catholic Church. Be-
sides his guidance to the clergy and
parishioners, he also presented his
views to secular bodies.

One example as statements to
the British Parliament, he is quoted
as telling them, “The world of rea-
son and the world of faith, the
world of secular rationality and the
world of religious belief, need one
another and should not be afraid to
enter into a profound and ongoing
dialogue for the good of civiliza-

Cardinal Ratzinger was 78
years old when he was elected as
pope by the College of Cardinals,
and served as the 4th oldest pope in
the church’s almost 2000 year his-
tory. Then, at 85 years old, His
Holiness Benedict XVI had the
courage and wisdom to announce
his resignation from the papacy.
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