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U.S. Air Force rescues German Did you celebrate
the German 'Butterbrot'?
citizens off coast of Florida

Dietrich of South The United States Air Force ernment, I would like to express Did you miss it? Did you for- (
sprang into action this summer my deep gratitude to you and the get to celebrate on the last Friday 5/02/german-butterbrot/) starts
Wales honored when the sailboat of a German fa- U.S. Air Force for rescuing two in September? You couldn’t for- with a traditional bread and butter
ther and son caught fire off the German citizens in distress at sea get Butterbrot Day, could you? variety and builds from there to
The Firemen’s Association of coast of Florida. Air Force citizen on July 8, 2017, after their vessel the Marmaledenbrot, Wurstbrot
the State of New York (FASNY) reservists, aided by the U.S. Coast sank off the coast of Florida. Deutsche Welle ( re- and a brot with caviar. There’s
recently awarded the 2017 FAS- Guard, the Air Force Rescue Coor- Through the exemplary deploy- cently published a story about the also the debate over whether it can
NY Gerard J. Buckenmeyer Vol- dination Center and a commercial ment of U.S. airmen and equip- holiday and the traditional Ger- be considered a sandwich as it
unteer Scholarship to Simon freighter in the area, worked over- ment, the 920th Rescue Wing, man fare enjoyed by people of all does not have a “top” slice of
Dietrich of South Wales, NY. night from July 7 to 8 to rescue the Patrick AFB, FL, was able to res- ages – the butterbrot – a piece of bread.
two men and transport them to a cue the two yachtsmen [names re- fresh bread with just butter on it.
Simon received a certificate hospital in Orlando. The operation, dacted] in distress 500 miles from So, if you forgot this year,
and scholarship of $1,500 for his 500 nautical miles off the coast, land. Your rescue forces performed The article stated: “Germans mark your calendars for Butter-
volunteer service in the communi- even required air refueling support. a remarkable feat, thus adding yet eat one hot meal a day, so bread brot Day 2018 Friday, Sept. 28.
ty from FASNY this summer. That another, especially impressive act with butter and a slice of cold
prestigious honor is only given to In all some 80 reservist airmen to the countless examples of friend- meat or cheese is a common Ger-
20 students throughout the entire and four aircraft assigned to the ship between our two nations.” man evening meal – it really is
state. 920th Rescue Wing, based in Bre- called ‘Abendbrot,’ evening
vard County, executed the rescue Col. Kurt Matthews, the 920th bread. Unlike a sandwich, the tra-
Dietrich said that a sense of mission, according to the 920th Rescue Wing commander called ditional Butterbrot has few, if
helping others is what drew him to Rescue Wing Public Affairs. The the mission a culmination of skill any, other toppings.”
South Wales Fire Company. unit even dispatched a team mem- and teamwork. “The specific capa-
ber who spoke fluent German to bility with our Guardian Angel Air- Online fans of the butterbrot
“I joined the Fire Department aid with translation. men, combined with our air can find discussions regarding
for the purpose of helping out in refueling and extended-range airlift which type of bread to use and
the great community I live in,” he Ambassador Peter Wittig ex- makes us uniquely able to accom- variations that include some top-
said. pressed his thanks for the rescue of plish this mission where few others pings. For example the Sandwich
the two German citizens in a letter in the world can. I’m very humbled Tribunal
In addition to firefighting, Si- to Secretary of the Air Force and glad to be a part of this noble
mon is active in his community Heather Wilson: mission.”
through various leadership roles.
In high school, he was Student “On behalf of the German gov-
Vice President, as well as captain
of the Varsity Golf, Basketball, Did you know! CELEBRATING GERMAN UNITY: Every year on Oct. 3, Ger-
and Lacrosse teams. many marks the day in 1990 when East and West Germany be-
Germany lies at the heart of Europe. It shares its borders with nine came one Federal Republic of Germany. With the Wall having
Simon’s dedication to his com- other nations. No other European country has more neighbors. fallen in 1989, it was to be another 11 months before Germany was
munity is evident. He plans to at- reunited. Germans in both German states welcomed it. In the first
tend the Virginia Military Institute In the north, Germany has access to the North and Baltic Seas. In the (and last) free elections to East Germany’s Volkskammer (parlia-
and major in Mechanical Engi- south it borders on the Alps. At 2,962 metres the Zugspitze in Bavaria is ment) on March 18, 1990, the East German electorate voted by an
neering and Naval ROTC. In the its highest peak. overwhelming majority for those parties that demanded swift
future, he would like to do me- accession to West Germany. In summer 1990 a treaty to this effect
chanical engineering for the Navy. Measuring 357,340 square kilometres, Germany is the fourth largest was negotiated by the two Germanies, as had the treaty concern-
country in the European Union (EU) after France, Spain, and Sweden. ing the German-German currency union. Parallel to this, in the
As a member of a small group Forests cover almost a third of its total surface area. Lakes, rivers, and Two-plus-Four-Treaty, West and East Germany reached agree-
who receive this award, Simon other inland waters account for more than two percent. The Rhine is the ment with the four powers responsible for Berlin and Germany as
explained how important the rec- longest river. a whole, i.e., the United States, the Soviet Union, Great Britain and
ognition is. “This scholarship will France, on the conditions with regard to foreign and security
definitely help me out in paying In the southwest it marks the border between Germany and France, policy determining German unity.
tuition to pursue something that I further north Bonn, Cologne, and Düsseldorf all lie on its banks. The Elbe,
have always wanted to do. For that the second longest river, links Dresden, Magdeburg, and Hamburg and
I am grateful.” flows into the North Sea.

Scholarships are awarded on
the basis of an applicant’s volun-
teer service to his or her communi-
ty, such as serving with a local fire
department, scouting, church,
school, work with senior citizens,
fire prevention, and other projects.

Did you know!

Germany is a parliamentary
and federal democracy. The Ger-
man Bundestag, the constitutional
body most present in the public
eye, is directly elected by citizens
eligible to vote every four years.
The most important tasks of the
Bundestag are legislation and to
oversee the government’s work.
The Bundestag elects the Federal
Chancellor for the legislative peri-
od by secret ballot.

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