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One man’s search for members of the
Schmitt family from Rauenberg, Germany

When I was a young student in Gravestones of Otto and Charles Ludwig Schmitt, United German
the 70s, I traveled from Germany and French Cemetery Cheektowaga. Source: www.Find a
to America. One of my first im-
pressions of your beautiful country ga. These boys were Otto Schmitt Rauenberg? How was their life?
was the overwhelming view from (*1868), Andreas Schmitt (*1854) Are any Schmitt descendants out
the plane upon the Erie County and Charles Ludwig Schmitt there, who can report about the
and the Niagara Falls. Many de- (*1861). Schmitt branches in the U.S.? Are
cades later I am now back in Buf- memories transmitted and drafted?
falo – in a virtual way! And that`s Now Anne is wondering, what Maybe even old photos from
the story to that: happened to her relatives, to the Rauenberg and the first time in
siblings of her grandparents, far Buffalo have survived the times?
Last week we were invited to away from their former hometown So many questions….
celebrate the 85th birthday of
Anne, a nice lady in our neighbor- Of course I already did some
hood in Westfalia. She told us research. I found dates, obits and
about her amazing family history. many notes in several sources, but
Her grandfather was Oswald couldn’t get in contact to current
SCHMITT, who was born 1863 in members of the Schmitts yet. So
RAUENBERG/WERTHEIM. here are some names and dates
That`s a small, cute one horse who are hopefully helpful to real-
town in south Germany, close to ize: wow…am part of that family!
the Main river.
Charles Ludwig Schmitt was
Oswald and his family re- born 1861 in Rauenberg, Germany
mained in Germany, but three of and passed away 1928, Cheektow-
his brothers emigrated to the aga. He was married with Maria
States, about 1870-1890. They all Lena Mock, 1864-1921. The cou-
settled in Buffalo and Cheektowa- ple had several children, like
George, Charles, Mary, William,
Anni *1890 (married Walter
Kern), Clara *1892 (married Wil-
liam Montz, two children, Irene
and Robert Phillips), Frank Wil-
liam *1895 (married Catharine
Does, her daughter Evelyn married
John Sandy), Josephine *1897
(married Leo Pempsell).

Charles’ brother Otto Schmitt
was also born in Rauenberg, Ger-
many and married Maria Hilden-
brand. They had a daughter,
Teresa, who married Alphonse
Laux. Maybe that`s the Laux fam-
ily, which now runs some sports
shops in Erie County? Otto had
also many children. Among his
children and grandchildren we
find surnames like Eckel,
Brownsey, Loyall, Ball, Hutman,
Merlo, Cutini, Gielski, Steel – and
of course many, many Schmitts!

Do one or several names or
dates sound familiar to you? So
please don’t hesitate to contact me:

Thanks in advance and best re-

Stefan Kahlen,
Westfalia Germany

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