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brings smiles and

revelry back to

Heritage Village

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that exists. It was good to see Ger-

man culture come out today. It's

exciting to be German again!"

Herbert Schmidt serves as ex-

ecutive director of BNHV and Subscribe today to
spent much of the afternoon per-

forming with the German Ameri- $16 for 6 issues

can Musicians band, also known as Name______________________________________
"Buffalo's Big German Band." Mi- Address____________________________________
chael Rizzo owns Schnitzel &

Company. City/State/Zip______________________________
The BNHV's Shaw Museum Phone______________________________________

was open from noon to 5 p.m. and

featured several demonstrations Make Check payable to Buffalo Standard Printing and

and showcases of local and region- Mail to 3620 Harlem Rd., Cheektowaga, NY 14215
al historical initiatives, including a

woodwright shop and blacksmith

presentations, as well as costumed

interpreters providing tours of the

35-acre Historic Village. A cook-

ing demonstration also took place.

Warsteiner, Spaten and Fran-

ziskaner beers were enjoyed by

many in attendance, and a keg-tap-

ping ceremony occurred just after 2

p.m. Jason Kaese of Pendleton and

Kevin Winkler of Amherst had

several of the different types of

German beer and said they had a lot

of fun.

"It's local, and it's German,"

said Kaese. "I live nearby so that

makes it easier to enjoy."

David and Victoria Freund-

schuh of North Tonawanda each

donned traditional German attire

and enjoyed the music of the Ger-

man American Musicians while

having a beer and pretzel.

"It's nice that they brought this

back here," said Victoria Freund-


Potato pancakes, chicken

schnitzel, German potato salad,

pretzels, sauerbraten barbecue ribs,

bratwurst, fastnachts, apple strudel

and other German delicacies were

also on hand.

"Anything German, it's pretty

much here," said Blass.

Also, the SGTV (Schuhplattler

Gebirgstrachten Verein) Edelweiss

Dancers of Buffalo performed on

stage. The Alphorn Society of

WNY also performed.

Proceeds from the event went

toward the Shaw Museum. For

more information on the Buffalo

Niagara Historic Village, visit

6• • August - September 2017 or call 689-1440.
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