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A trip to the ancestral villages in the Uckermark

by Elaine Timm (starting in 1843) for the There is interest in both the historic preservation. They and our
freedom to practice their re- Uckermark and our area in
This year the Historical Society ligion. museum have agreed to be ‘sister’
of North German Settlements preserving Uckermarker
celebrates the 175th anniversary of There is interest in both Plattdeutsch, an unwritten museums for the purpose of pro-
the immigration of our ancestors to the Uckermark and our area
the Niagara County hamlets of in preserving Uckermarker dialect used by our moting the shared history and her-
Bergholz, Walmore and Martins- Plattdeutsch, an unwritten ancestors at home and
ville. The Heimatmuseum Brüs- dialect used by our ances- continued after they arrived itage of so many families.
sow, Brandenburg, Deutschland tors at home and continued
commemorated this anniversary al- after they arrived in Ameri- in America. Since genealogy has become
so, with a program on International ca. We were happy to re-
Museum Day, May 13. Don ceive copies of the work of The Heimatmuseum Brüssow such a popular pastime, more and
Schroeder, Cindy Sileo and I trav- Max Lindow, who docu- has a display of artifacts and infor-
elled to Brüssow, in the Uckermark mented Uckermarker Platt, mation relating to the Old Luther- more connections are being made.
region, northeast of Berlin, to at- and a school book used to ans, much of which I have taken to
tend the program. teach children around 9 them. It was an Old Lutheran If you would like to visit the Hei-
years old. church, active from 1859 to 1914.
Activities were led by Günter It sat vacant until 1964 when two matmuseums please contact them
Trester, who recently received an On the prior Saturday brothers decided to start a muse-
award for his 20th year as director evening we were invited to um. ahead of time to make arrange-
of their Heimatmuseum. We re- a wildschwein (wild boar)
ceived various gifts, saw the docu- dinner at the home of Ro- The Uckermark area is rural ments:
mentary “Little Uckermark,” had a land Strate in Bergholz and has been promoting itself as a
nice lunch, and saw a homemade Uck. He and two friends will visit vacation destination for city Brüssow: museum-stadt-
video by Benjamin Wende who Bergholz NY this fall, and plan to dwellers and foreigners. As a re-
visited our Das Haus Museum in attend our annual dinner. Platt sult, the Heimatmuseum Brüssow or Berg-
2004. Many people attended the speakers from Bergholz Uck at- and other area museums (includ-
event in the Brüssow Kino (village tended also, including Sabine Wit- ing Heimatstube Bergholz) have holz: heimatstube-bergholz@t-
theater). thuhn, who we met in 2012, when formed an alliance to seeking
we attended the 725th Village An- funding to attract visitors, and for
The Burgermeister, Herr Rack- niversary in Bergholz Uck.
ow, presented us with souvenirs of Our society’s annual dinner
the 500th Anniversary of the Ref- On another day we toured the
ormation (2017), as our “Old Lu- Heimatstube Bergholz, and saw and basket raffle, celebrating the
theran” ancestors emigrated their updated displays. We visited
a Plattdeutsch center in Prenzlau, 175th anniversary will feature a
Support our Brandenburg, and the city history
museum. Other days were filled program by the three original Lu-
advertisers! with visits to many villages of the
ancestors of our area families. It’s theran churches of our area. It will
always fun to find the same family
surnames on mailboxes, business- be held on Saturday, Oct. 27, at 5

es, war memorials and even in the p.m. at the Holy Ghost Lutheran
School, 6630 Luther St. (corner of
With the help of Frau Glowe in
Brüssow, Cindy was able to locate Niagara Rd.) in Wheatfield. Tick-
and review the church records for
the Reichert family of Grünz, in ets are $20 each, please contact me
the church in Penkun. While walk-
ing in the cemetery in Grünz, a at, or 716 471
local gentleman by the name of
Wendt, a local name, advised her 2217 by Oct. 13.
there are still Reicherts in the vil-

On our return from Penkun, I
missed a turn and we were on our
way to Poland! We had talked
about visiting the ancestral villag-
es of Ognica (Nipperwiese) and
Widuchowa (Fiddichow) on the
Oder River, so we made the most
of it! We dipped our toes in the
river and I brought back a juice
bottle full of its water.

We took a train trip to Luther-
stadt Wittenberg and saw the
many changes made for the 500th
anniversary of the Reformation.
We stayed at the Old Latin School,
next to the Stadt Kirche. It was
built in the 1500s, and has been
renovated into a modern hotel. On
another day, the pastor in Brüssow
took us and a few others to the city
of Szczecin (Stettin), Poland and
showed us some sights, including
the view from a 22 story building.

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