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St. Louis Stammtisch, German A Sister Cities celebration
a place to learn and have fun Calendar of from page 1 Buffalo, Tim Herzog of Flying
Culture Bison Brewery, The Black Forest
by Michael A. Riester Mayor Sierau together with the Adler Restaurant, Mes Que, Bo-
JUNE Buffalo Dortmund Sister City russia Dortmund BVB and the
In an age where German language programs in our schools are 10 - 85th Camp Lima Ger- Committee pledged to continue to Buffalo Sabres.
threatened and adult ed courses in German are few, The St. Louis work together to build the newly
man Festival - German food, bev- developed SUNY programs, new Also, 2018 members: Dr.
Stammtisch is proving to be a place where Americans of German descent erages and entertainment - 11 a.m. levels of mutual agreements and James and Rita McGoldrick, Don-
- 7 p.m. German American Musi- economic education. ald Rager, Joseph Kretz, Dr.
are reconnecting to the language of their ancestors while having fun and cians, youth performances, chil- James and Linda Mabry, Brenda
dren’s activities and vintage VWs The Buffalo Dortmund Sister Brown, James Christmann, Jutta
forming friendships. on display - 2375 Pond Rd., Lima, City Committee gave special Drechsler, Sylvester Ledoux, Ber-
NY. Donation $5. thanks to the following for their nie Gerling, William Savery, Fe-
In 2012, a group of parishio- Jasmina added, “The support to their organization and to lice Krycia, Evelyn Nelson, Joan
ners from St. Louis Church, Buffa- Stammtisch was relaxed, 10 - Stammtisch meeting - the Sister City partnership with Weichmann, Judy Laird, and Paul
lo, formed a monthly group to Dortmund: Honorable Oberburg- Fegen.
learn German. They adopted the diverse, warm and ermeister der Stadt Dortmund Ull-
name St. Louis Stammtisch. welcoming. I felt at home 20 - Samuel Helm Unit 144 of rich Sierau, the City of Buffalo, The weekend was dedicated in
the Steuben Society - monthly Congressman Brian Higgins, Aus- loving memory of former board
Stammtisch is a unique Ger- right away.” meeting at Black Forest Adler. For landsgesellschaft NRW e.V Dort- member, secretary and longtime
man word which loosely means a details email mund (a German intercultural Buffalo Dortmund supporter Kar-
“table reserved for regulars.” she said. “I was curious to see how exchange group), all host families, in Brady who passed away on
Stammtisch connotes a warm and that would work because up to that 24 - WURSTFEST - Buffalo anonymous donors, Community Nov. 12, 2017.
friendly place. point, I had only seen such en- River Fest Park - noon - 7 p.m. Foundation of Buffalo, Dr. James
deavors in an academic setting – in presented by German-American and Rita McGoldrick, Spring Gar- Weather puts
Member Dave Hebert ex- a classroom with a teacher writing Musicians. $2 admission. den Association, Joseph Roetter, damper on
plained that “it seemed appropriate on a board and giving exams.” JULY Matthew Collard, Gregory and park dedication
to form a group to learn the lan- Lynn Engle, Joan McGuire, Visit
guage given that St. Louis parish, Jasmina added, “The Stamm- 2 - Federation Of German Buffalo Niagara, Federation of During the recent visit to Buf-
the first catholic parish in Buffalo, tisch was relaxed, diverse, warm American Societies meeting - German American Societies, Dr. falo by Mayor Ullrich Sierau of
was founded by German speaking and welcoming. I felt at home right 7:30 - 9 p.m. Mr. Bill's, 1500 Katherine Conway-Turner, Buffa- Dortmund, Germany, a delegation
Alsatians in 1829.” away.” Cleveland Dr., Buffalo. lo State College, University of of government, education, and
business leaders were to gather at
St. Louis is also the new home An inexpensive text book is 6- ScharfFest - Sommer Festi- 6600 or the corner of Busti Ave. and Niag-
for the Annual German St. Ann used along with materials found val Series Scharf’s German Res- 18 - Samuel Helm Unit 144 of ara St. for the dedication ceremo-
Mass, to be held this year on June online. Meetings include a teach- taurant and Bar, 2683 Clinton St., ny.
3, 2018. ing segment with exercises from West Seneca. the Steuben Society - monthly
the text book, a segment on Ger- meeting at Scharf's German Res- Inclement weather, however,
The mission of the St. Louis man culture and current events 15 - 43rd WALDFEST - taurant. For details email prevented the groundbreaking cer-
Stammtisch is to provide a friendly happening in Germany. Spring Garden Park, Marilla, NY. emony on April 15 for a future
atmosphere to learn the German For tickets or details 716-310- park to be named Dortmund Park
language, promote an understand- Recently one member present- 29 - Stammtisch meeting - as a testament to the two cities’
ing of the German culture and dis- ed his slides on the Berlin Wall historic partnership.
cuss current events happening in and his visit to the former German
the German speaking world. Democratic Republic. At another
meeting we viewed a video from
Although begun by parishio- the Deutsche Welle on the celebra-
ners, the Stammtisch is made up of tion of Fasching.
persons from all backgrounds and
faiths. The group does not require Members are encouraged to
a certain level of proficiency in the participate in events in the German
language, only a willingness to American community and to listen
learn. All meetings are free of to German radio online.
Recently the St. Louis Stamm-
The Stammtisch is very fortu- tisch joined the Federation of Ger-
nate to have Jasmina Tacheva, a man American Societies of
native Bulgarian who is fluent in Western New York in an effort to
German as its instructor. Jasmina support local organizations and to
is an alumnus of Canisius College increase exposure in the German
and former student of the late Dr. American community.
Peter Boehm, who introduced her
to the Stammtisch. The St. Louis Stammtisch
meets at St. Louis Church in the
“In my second year of college, Church Hall at 780 Main St. at
Dr. Böhm approached me about a Edward in downtown Buffalo.
group at St. Louis that was meet- Parking is free and abundant be-
ing every month to learn German,” hind the church. Meetings are held
each month on a Sunday deter-
Support our mined by the members.

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Louis Stammtisch, contact

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