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For a century, WNY celebrates its German heritage

It’s the most wonderful times of GREGORY With the date of For his part, Mr. rejoice in the faithful accomplish-
the year! No, it’s not Christ- WITUL Aug. 16 set, the Bissell spoke of ment of the duties of citizenship by
mas, its German Fest! Happening work now fell on an unbroken record of indepen-
September 2 and 3, 2017, the Fed- 10% of all event proceeds would the 60 German his wonderful dence courage and loyalty to the
eration of German-American Soci- be donated to the German Hospital societies who years living in best interests of our beloved coun-
eties of Buffalo sponsored event (Booth Memorial Hospital), and had to prepare Germany try."
will be one of New York State’s approved that year’s pin design. for the parade, learning its
biggest German-American cele- the athletes language, With the speeches complete,
brations. Just as thousands will For the 1908 button, the artist who had to literature, the games all won, the beer all
flood into Cheektowaga Town depicted Columbia and Germania train for the and cus- drunk and the food all gone, the
Park to enjoy this year’s festivi- sitting and embracing in mutual competitions, toms. He al- Germans of Buffalo filtered back
ties, thousands poured into Buffa- friendship. As the personification Theodore Sutro so spoke of into the city, waiting for the next
lo’s Teutonia Park on Fillmore a of America, Columbia is surround- president of the Al- the patriotism year’s German Day.
century ago to partake the Ger- ed with an abundance of food and lied German Societ-
man-American Alliance’s 1908 a cog representing her technologi- ies of the State of New of the German- Do you have an interesting
Buffalo German Day festival. cal developments. Germania sits York who had to prepare a speech Americans and piece of German-American history
with Imperial Crown of the Holy in German, and Buffalonian Her- their contribution to you wish to know more about?
Planning for the 1908 Roman Empire atop her head, the bert P. Bissell who was giving a America. He said, “In every Send a photo and brief description
Deutscher Tag started almost im- reichsschwert on her lap, with a talk in English. trade and profession and in every to
mediately after the conclusion of helm, book, and lyre at her feet, branch of our industrial life our
the 1907 festival, but the real work representing, wisdom, philosophy, As the big day approached, German-American population has You can also mail in or drop off
began in summer of 1908. Over and music. red, white, black, and blue bunting not failed to win success, honor items to Gregory Witul c/o Buffalo
the course of two weeks, the Buf- began showing up on the streets and distinction by the exercise of Standard Printing, 3620 Harlem
falo branch of the German-Ameri- Flanking the pair was a banner with German and American flags the virtues of thoroughness, fideli- Road, Cheektowaga, NY 14215
can Alliance, headed by Dr. that reads “Columbia our bride and being proudly displayed in store ty, thrift and economy. In political and your item may appear here.
Gustave A. Hitzel with a commit- Germany our Mother,” the theme fronts. A week out from the day, life, too, German-Americans can
tee consisting of Max Mayer, of the German Day, while an eagle 7,000 members from the German
Gustave Janowsky, Fred W. Gerk- with the letters D. A. V. the Ger- clubs and societies confirmed that
ing, William Burkhardt, Ferdinand man initials of the German-Amer- they would be marching, while the
Bergen, and Charles Schwenk, se- ican Alliance guards above. projected attendance was pegged
cured German and English speak- at 16,000, if the weather held out.
ers, finalized the schedule,
planned a parade, prepared the The rain of Aug. 16, 1908,
event program, announced that didn’t dampen the spirits of Buffa-
lo’s German-Americans as over
10,000 made their way to Teutonia
Park. With visitors from Roches-
ter, Syracuse, and beyond, 55 or-
ganizations were able to
participate in the parade to the ju-
bilation of the crowds. Guests of
honor enjoyed the parade from the
reviewing stand, while an honor
guard of German-American Civil
War veterans stood nearby pro-
tecting the hoisted colors.

Around the park men partici-
pated in a banana eating contest,
the Buffalo Columbia Turn Verein
demonstrated some of their drills,
a children's chorus sang patriotic
songs while tableaux of the "Rock
of Ages," '"Goddess of Liberty,"
"America," and "The Star-Span-
gled Banner” were presented
while bands were scattered

For the speeches, President
Sutro spoke of the love and pride
Germans should have for their
American home and against the
brewing storm of Prohibition. It is
“entirely beyond the functions of
the government to interfere with
the matter of what we eat or drink,
insofar as we do not offend against
the public health or peace, is al-
most self-evident.”

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