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Ladies Folk Costumes of Germany

by Daniel Schwarz If tied to the left: means The following is a listing of
you are single and these stamps, including the specif-
Pride in their community and ic community/region related to
historical customs and tradi- available to date; to the each beautiful Tracht image:
tions is abundantly shown in the right: you are married or
folk costumes throughout Germa- engaged; in the middle: 3+2 (Pfennig) Ostpreussen
ny, called Trachten. There are for- for young girls; and in the (East Prussia), region: Ermland,
mal traditional Trachten, and town: Marienburg, in the present
every day Trachten. back: for a widow state of Mecklenburg-W. Pomera-
or waitress. nia (NE Germany).
The Tracht are very different
from one area of Germany to an- such as, in the Black Forest villag- 4+3 (Pfg.) Oberschliesien (Up-
other, within each area, and some- es, the straw hats/bonnets (Bollen- per Silesia), village: Rossberg by
what even from village to village. huten) have large pom-poms that Beuthen, presently in Poland (west
Even within each community the are either red for unmarried, or of Germany).
costume outfit historically showed black for a married woman. Also,
a social status of the wearer by subtle information can be seen in 5+3 (Pfg.) Rheinland, town:
how expensive the fabric, how some regions by how the apron Rüdesheim, in the present state of
many buttons and other accesso- ribbons are tied. If tied to the left: Rhineland-Palatinate (SW Germa-
ries that are worn. This applies to means you are single and available ny).
both men and women outfits. to date; to the right: you are mar-
ried or engaged; in the middle: for 6+4 (Pfg.) Niedersachsen
When Tracht is worn, it is for young girls; and in the back: for a (Lower Saxony), villages:
a special occasion. This can in- widow or waitress. Schaumburg-Lippe named Lind-
clude: Sundays, at community and horst after 1807, and also Nieder-
family events such as festivals, Traditionally the dresses and sachsendorf, in the present state of
parades, church celebrations such skirts were worn down to ankle Lower Saxony (west central Ger-
as Kerwe, weddings, baptisms, length, but in our modern fashion many).
birthdays and even funerals, how- times we can see some rising to
ever black themed at funerals. Al- below the knee and even above. 8+4 (Pfg.) Kurmark – Nieder-
so, folk dancing in Tracht is very However, modesty and tradition lausitz territories, village; Heiners-
popular in Germany. This can are still much in vogue. brück area of Spreewald, in the
even be seen and enjoyed in WNY present state of Brandenburg,
with the S.G.T.V. Edelweiss danc- Postage stamps have and are (west central Germany).
ers. still a good palette to showcase
national customs and traditions. 12+6 (Pfg.) Schwarzwald
The ladies Trachten are gener- One such example in Germany is (Black forest), village: Gutach,
ally very colorful, fancy embroi- the Trachten series of stamps de- which is one of 3 communities that
dered and attractive. The costume picting Damen Trachten “ladies use this Tracht, others are Wol-
usually includes a dress (Kleid, or folk costumes” which are repre- fach-Kirnbach, Hornberg-Re-
Bavarian Dirndl) or skirt (Tra- sentative of different regions of ichenbach, in the present state of
chtenrock), blouse (Trachten- Germany. They were issued by the Baden Wuerttemberg.
bluse), bodice (Mieder), apron Deutsches Reich in 1935, and
(Schürze), hat (Trachtenhut) or were semi-postal stamps, which 15+10 (Pfg.) Hesse, village:
scarf (Schal), sometimes a shawl are charity stamps. Besides the Niederasphe, area of Marburg, in
(Schultertuch), stockings (Strümp- basic postal rate, they included an the present state of Hesse (central
fe), shoes (Schuhe), and jewelry additional donation for charity. East Germany).
25+15 (Pfg.) Oberbayern (Up-
Trachten outfits can give obvi- per Bavaria, is one of the 7 dis-
ous information about the wearer, tricts of Bavaria), village:
Miesbach, area of Bayrischzell, in
Subscribe today to the present state of Bavaria (SW The Ladies Folk Costume stamps of 1935.
$16 for 6 issues Germany)

Name______________________________________ 30+20 (pfg.) Friesland (island
Address____________________________________ of Föhr), in the present state of
City/State/Zip______________________________ Schleswig-Holstein (northern Ger-
Phone______________________________________ many)

Make Check payable to Buffalo Standard Printing and 40+35 (pfg.) Oberfranken (Up-
Mail to 3620 Harlem Rd., Cheektowaga, NY 14215 per Franconia, is one of the 7 dis-
tricts of Bavaria), showing a
bridesmaid, village: Effeltrich, in
the present state of Bavaria (SW

These postage stamps show
only a few of the hundreds of Tra-
chten variations that can be seen in
Germany yet today. The Tracht
heritage is so popular that Tra-
chten societies all over Germany
have been formed to help preserve
their local native dress tradition for
future generations.

Any questions or comments,
please contact Dan at

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