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4 • • August - September 2017 Reformation cele-
bration continues

Events sponsored by Niagara
County Lutheran churches contin-
ue in celebration of the 500th An-
niversary of the Reformation. The
public is welcome to attend all

Wed., Aug. 9 at 6:30 p.m.:
The movie “Luther” will be
shown at Grace Lutheran Church,
736 Cayuga Drive, Niagara Falls
“Luther,” starring Joseph Fi-
ennes, is the story of Martin Lu-
ther, the monk and reformer
whose personal struggles were a
catalyst for significant changes for
the Christian church. The film be-
gins as Luther, a law student,
pleads with God to spare his life
during a thunderstorm and takes
us on his spiritual journey from
Augustinian monk, to his defiant
95 theses, to his trial in Rome, his
excommunication, and his trans-
lating of the Bible for the common
Refreshments will be served.
A free will offering will be gath-
Thurs., Sept. 21, 7 p.m.:
Dr. Bonnie Flickinger will
give a presentation, “How the
Huguenots Changed the World
with Help from North German
Rulers,” at the meeting of the
Historical Society of North Ger-
man Settlements at the Wheatfield
Community Center, 2790 Church
Rd., Wheatfield, 14120. Refresh-
ments will be served. Free.

Program provides for
fellowship in Germany

The Alexander von Humboldt
Foundation’s German Chancellor
Fellowship Program is for univer-
sity graduates from the United
States, the Russian Federation, the
People’s Republic of China, Bra-
zil, and India with an interest in
international issues and demon-
strated leadership potential. The
program is targeted at accom-
plished young professionals who
are likely to become decision-
makers, thought leaders, and in-
fluential voices in their respective
fields. Fellows will be recruited
from a broad range of areas such
as politics and public policy, law,
media, business, the non-govern-
mental sector, and the arts.

For details visit: www. hum-


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