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On behalf of the Federa- SGTV Edelweiss GAM, German
tion of German Amer-
ican Societies of Western SGTV Edelweiss pro- American
New York; I would like to
welcome you to the Annual vides fellowship, dancing Musicians
and competition in tradition- GAM is the largest Ger-
Enjoy yourself, and visit man American Band in
one of our featured organiza- al German Folk Dancing. Western New York. They
tions. are well known for their ex-
cellent musicianship and
Joe Roetter, President spirited performances.

Spring Garden Upcoming events:
• September 2, 2018, 1 - 5
Association p.m. - Buffalo German Fest,
2600 Harlem Road, Cheek-
Spring Garden Associa- towaga, NY
tion, Inc., 3838 Two Rod • September 9 2018, 6 -
Road, East Aurora, NY 11 p.m. - Irondequoit Okto-
14052 berfest, Camp Eastman,
Irondequoit, NY
President, and contact in- New Members are always
formation: Karl Cole, 716- welcome! Look and listen
674-1539 for the GAM on Sunday Af-
ternoon on our stage!
Members meet monthly www.germanamericanm
during open season at our

Events planned in the next
6 months:

• German-Polish Celebra-
tion, Saturday, August 11,
3:30 p.m.

• Schlachtfest, Sunday,
September 9, 12 noon.

A brief description of the
organization: “Where Ethnic
Heritage is Celebrated”

Contact for membership
enquires: Robert Sass, 716-
913-3681 or email contact
through sprngarden@aol.

National dancing competi-

Buffalo Dortmund tions have been held in Buf-

Sister City falo.

Monthly meetings are

The Buffalo Dortmund held at Scharf’s Restaurant

Sister City Committee was on the 1st Wednesday of ev-

created to develop, support ery month.

and maintain a Sister City Please Contact Randy

Partnership for the citizens of Bracewell @

Buffalo, New York and the

citizens of Dortmund, Ger- for further information.


For the past 40 years, we

have been building lasting

relationships and lifelong

friendships through student

exchanges and internships.

For more information

please contact us

at buffalo.dortmund@gmail.


Follow us on Facebook,

Instagram and Twitter!
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