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Presentation looks at
Prohibition in Buffalo

Buffalo has always been a
drinking town and the passage of
the 18th Amendment certainly
didn’t stop that.

On Wednesday, April 12 at
7:45 p.m. there will be a lecture
“Saloon to Speakeasy: Prohibition
in Buffalo” by Lisa Testa of Ex-
plore Buffalo at St Peters Episco-
pal Church Hall on Callodine and
Longmeadow in Amherst.

The prohibition of the sale of
alcohol lasted for 13 long, dark
years, and Buffalo’s answer was to
elect a brewer to be mayor, build
the Peace Bridge to facilitate a
quicker and safer trip to Canada
(where alcohol was still legal), and
play host to some 8,000 “soft
drink” establishments otherwise
known as speakeasies where ille-
gal hooch ran freely.

During this lecture, we will
trace the history of Prohibition and
the effect that this failed “Noble
Experiment” had on manufactur-
ing, politics, gender roles, and or-
ganized crime in the Queen City.

The event is free and open to
the public. Light refreshments will
be served, courtesy of The Greater
Buffalo Bottle Collectors Associa-
tion. The club will have its general
meeting at 7 p.m . For info, contact
Tom Stengel at 207-5583.

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