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the U.S., the professor reports that As cultural immersion GETTING A TASTE OF GERMAN FOOD: Karl Schneider's German Club from Pembroke High
public universities are free for all wouldn’t be complete without suf- School (above) enjoyed a field trip to Scharf’s German Restaurant in West Seneca recently. The
citizens in Germany, campus ficient sampling of German cui- restaurant also hosted its first Cruise Night of the year. They will continue on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday
bookstore/cafes supply textbooks sine and entertainment, the group each month through September and on Father's day from noon to 3 p.m. On April 28, The Auslanders
that students can use and return, enjoyed Bavarian cuisine, had a (below) provided the music at the establishment’s customer appreciation day.
and that students often freely drink chance to visit pubs and took in a
beer in class. Beatles tribute performance. It is
reported that Bratwurst with mus-
tard became a very popular favor-
ite, as was schnitzel (a traditional
German dish where meat is pound-
ed out thin, breaded, and fried.)

For further reading on the
group’s experiences, Professor Ta-
noos has prepared a detailed narra-
tive of the trip on his blog at,
which also contains extensive con-
tent on German culture, econom-
ics, and history.

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