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Genealogist Did you miss the German Fest crowd, the excitement and fun last year? Be at Cheektowaga Town Park this time.

with Germanic

expertise speaks

in Rochester

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One researching their family
tree, must be familiar with Ger-
manic history and geography.
Beidler presented a summary of
Germanic history and discussed
key events – time points that a
genealogist must know to effec-
tively search for their ancestors.

Beidler spoke about how
these key events changed the
borders of German speaking
lands and the challenge this pres-
ents to genealogists. For exam-
ple, German speaking people
lived in what is today Poland at
various times in history. Records
for German ancestors are in Po-
land and the cities have changed
from German to Polish names.

Reading German records can
be challenging as many of the
records a genealogist will be
searching are church records, he
said. The various religions in
Germany have differing histories
thus different types of records
kept and the locations of them.

Beidler said that in years
past, one had to write to a Ger-
man parish to find out the dispo-
sition of records and if they
could be located. Once located,
the challenge was reading them
as they are handwritten in vari-
ous types of scripts. More recent-
ly, several organizations have
worked with the churches to dig-
itize records making them avail-
able on various websites.

The day after the conference,
several attendees attended the
German Mass at the Evangelical
Lutheran Church of the Refor-
mation in Rochester followed by
a German Kaffeeklatsch with
members of the Federation of
German – American Societies of
Rochester, NY.

Palatines to America strives
to provide guidance and knowl-
edge to members. The next meet-
ing is Oct. 5, 2019 in Albany,
NY. Non-members are invited to
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