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Dinner marks 175th anniversary and sister museums agreement

The Historical Society of North and in settling in their new home- The museums will participate showcase how closely the two
German Settlements recently land. in a new initiative called “Wunder- countries are linked by heritage,
celebrated the 175th anniversary bar Together- Deutschlandjahr common values, and shared inter-
of the settlement of the three orig- The Historical Society of USA,” celebrating the connections ests. For details on Historical Soci-
inal German Lutheran communi- North German Settlements organi- between our countries. ety of North German Settlements
ties and churches in Wheatfield, zation runs the Das Haus German visit https://dashaus
Niagara County in 1843. Heritage Museum in the hamlet of From its website, wunderbar
Bergholz in Wheatfield., Deutschlandjahr will Elaine Timm
Descendants of original set-
tlers, Paul Haseley from St. Pe- At this dinner it was an- Holy Ghost School Teacher Gail
ter’s in Walmore, Gail Stoelting nounced that it will be sister muse- Stoelting Carrier, a descendant
Carrier of Holy Ghost in Bergholz ums with Heimatmuseum der of first Holy Ghost teacher,
and Dennis Sattelberg of St. Mar- Stadt Brüssow/Uckermark in Christoph Camann, shares
tin in Martinsville (now in North Brandenburg, Germany. A certifi- information about her ancestors.
Tonawanda), brought historical cate entitled “Kooperationsverein-
items and presented a short history barung zwichen den Partnern” in The agreement includes pre-
of their congregations. German and English, was present- serving the history of the original
ed by three gentlemen, Torsten and connected villages of our an-
They relayed some of the rea- Schirrmeister, Roland Strate, and cestors, aiding with researching
sons for the immigrants leaving Heiko Kerner from the community ancestors and descendants, pre-
their homeland, including reli- of Bergholz, Mecklenburg / Vor- serving and promoting the use of
gious and educational freedom, pommern. This is one of the an- Plattdeutsch, a dialect still spoken
and the difficult conditions of the cestral villages of the original by some descendants in both coun-
8-12 week trip on the sailing ships settlers. tries, and encouraging and assist-
ing those wanting to visit each
T-shirts with “We are the three from Bergholz Germany” other’s museum.
including their names and the location of Bergholz in each country.
Greetings and congratulations
for the agreement were sent by
Burgermeister Michael Rakow of
Stadt Brüssow and Günter Trester,
director of the Heimatmuseum and
by Honorary Consul of the Federal
Republic of Germany, Matthew
Collard of Buffalo.
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