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German Schimpfworte Genesee Brewery keeps tabs on its German heritage

by Daniel Schwarz from page 3

Now don’t get upset or annoyed by the title. This article is not Lang’s Brewery in Buffalo, and
about swearing or cursing! Schimpfworte are words or ex- baking magnate had a vision in the
spring of 1932, that in the next year
pressions to scold, admonish, or just express exasperation. Prohibition would end. From this
idea Wehle knew he had to buy the
Many of these expressions cannot be simply translated into English, nor old Genesee building and rehab it so
when the “noble experiment” ended
always have an equivalent in English. he would be ready to start brewing.

It is almost certain that if you Halts Maul, we have all proba- To keep his new mission from of the emerging agricultural de- Genesee expanded by buying the
grew up in a home where German bly been told to be quiet, hold your getting out, he convinced a friend fense program. Fred Koch Brewery of Dunkirk in
was spoken, Schimpfworte would mouth, or just shut up! The Ger- with no connection to the beer in- 1984 and introducing Dundee
likely have been heard at some man word for mouth is Mund, dustry to quietly approach the own- With the end of the global Ales & Lagers in 1994. The fami-
time. Even when visiting your however, this phrase uses Maul ers of the abandoned brewery to see conflict, Genesee saw tremendous ly sold the company to a group of
German relatives, such as your which is an animal mouth. So, it is if they were interested in selling it. growth while the other Rochester employees in 2000 and was re-
Oma or especially your Opa, you obviously an expression of annoy- When they were, the friend struck breweries saw decline. Genesee named High Falls Brewing Com-
very likely heard these Schimpf- ance. the deal on Wehle’s behalf. On July also began experimenting with pany. In 2009 it was sold to a
worte. Hopefully not directed at 5, 1932 Louis reincorporated the new beers and ales. In 1948 it group of New York investors with
you, but probably yes! The follow- Auch du liber, literally it says Genesee Brewing Company and introduced the Genesee Light FIFCO eventually taking it over.
ing are some of the most common- “oh you lover,” but this phrase took control of the building. As Cream Ale. While it failed to live
ly heard Schimpfworte in the really has a different meaning. It soon as it hit the headlines, the cat up to expectations, it paved the Today the Genesee Brewery is
German vernacular. most closely says “oh my good- was out of the bag, with half of way for the green labeled Genesee still going strong. Their campus in
ness!” Sometimes it is even ex- Rochester thinking Louis was crazy Cream Ale to be launched in Rochester now hosts a restaurant,
Himmel Donner Wetter, an ex- panded to auch du Liebe Himmel, while the other half thought he was 1960. gift shop, tasting room, and brew-
pression used to emphasize a frus- adding “heaven” to the expression a genius, as Congress was still sev- ery tour as part of the Genesee
tration such as the expression makes it even more serious. en months away from even propos- The brewery would go on to Brew House. They have also got-
“gosh darn”, or “Holy cow”. But, ing the 21st Amendment. introduce a number of brands in- ten into the craft brewing scene
if it went beyond that, it became Dumm Kopf, means “dumb cluding Fyfe & Drum in 1963 and offering up such flavors as Coffee
Himmel donner Wetter – noch a head,” and even most Americans With little time on his hands, Genny Lite in 1978. Genesee also Stout, Simcoe S.M.A.S.H. Pale
mal!!! This meant gosh darn have either heard this phrase or Wehle began buying the best aban- gained market share with some Ale, and Dry Hopped Mosaic
again! Expressions such as this even used it themselves. This ex- doned equipment from forgotten famous campaigns including the Cream Ale.
don’t mean much if literally trans- pression is both used about others breweries for only pennies on the slogan “Always ask for Jenny”
lated, since these words would be actions, as well as one’s own self dollar. Machinery from St. Louis, accompanied by the ravishing In 2016 Genesee returned to
“heaven, thunder, weather, again”. when something stupid has been Kansas City and New York, were looking Jenny holding a tray of its German roots by launching a
Even the words for “again” don’t done. shipped to Rochester so the New beers, which was launched in new Oktoberfest beer. The brew
necessarily mean it happened Genesee would be ready for a wet 1953. quickly sold out across the state, a
again, only that the expression is Quatsch, refers to what some- America. On April 27, 1933 Wehle testament to New York’s strong
intended to be considered repeat- one is talking about, such as gar- began selling low alcohol beer and In 1964 Louis A. Wehle died. German heritage and the Genesee
ed, or emphasized. bage, or just silliness. Also, it can when Repeal Day arrived that De- Still under family control the Brewery’s high quality beer.
refer to fake or incorrect informa- cember, Genesee was ready with
Schäme dich, is an expression tion. cases of Sparkling Ale, 12 Horse
to inform someone to feel self-em- Ale, Old Stock Ale, and their now
barrassment for doing something If you hear any of these where legendary Liebotschaner. Of course
wrong, or disappointing, and usu- German is spoken, you are among people still had to wait until Febru-
ally directed at a child being polite Germans. No cursing! These ary of 1934 for their spring favorite
naughty. Pointing out their poor words and expressions fill a need to arrive, Genesee’s Bock Beer.
behavior and expecting them to be at times. They have bridged gener-
ashamed for their actions. This is ations, and are still in use today. Through the rest of the 1930s
old school parenting, historically Genesee thrived. To promote the
speaking, and may not be popular Any questions, comments, con- brand the brewery purchased 12
these days. tact Dan at Belgian Roan horses and hitched
No Quatsch please. them up to a beer cart. The team
would make appearances across the
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$16 for 6 issues Second World War began the brew-
ery wanted to do all they could to
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