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Vol. 7 No. 3 June - July 2019 Issue Complimentary

Buffalo Dortmund Sister City

Committee visits DORTBUNT!

In December of 2018, the Buf-
falo Dortmund Sister City
Committee received an invi-
tation from Oberbürgermeister

der Stadt Dortmund, Ullrich Sier-

au to celebrate the 40th anniversa-

ry of the city’s first official visit

as a sister city by Mayor James D.

Griffin. That anniversary took

place during the 4th annual

DORTBUNT! Festival from May

The present-day St. Martin's Evangelical Lutheran Church 9 - 12, 2019.
The invitation was extended
stands at 322 Old Falls Blvd. in North Tonawanda.
to eight members of the Sister
Martinsville ancestors almost
City committee or community in-

perished at sea, built church cluding separate invitations to
Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown and

St. Martin’s member recounts County Executive Mark Polon-
carz. Unfortunately, both Mayor
Brown and County Executive Po-
migration from Prussia, loncarz both declined the invita- Buffalo delegation with Burgetmeister Ullrich Sierau.

175 years in N. Tonawanda tion, so BDSCC President Greg noon they played against DSC
Engle was designated the official Wanne-Eickel in Herne, a suburb

Tby Alfred Karney representative for the City of Buf- of Dortmund. The final score did
lunch every Saturday to up to 50 falo by Mayor Byron Brown.
he original inhabitants of needy people. The Rev. Ms. Soccer & Celebration not go in favor of FC Buffalo but

they were greeted before the
the North Tonawanda Devie Ellis has been the pastor The Buffalo delegation in- match by West German goalkeep-
neighborhood of Martins- since 1993.
cluded President Greg Engle, er Hans Tilkowski who was part
ville, fleeing religious persecu- For his talk to the society, he Vice President Joe Roetter and of the 1966 FIFAWorld Cup final
tion in Prussian Uckermark, used information from his Uncle Joan Roetter, Treasurer Joan against England.
endured a trans-Atlantic voyage Stanley Sattelberg’s files as well McGuire, Committee Member The famous Wembley goal is
so perilous that they thought they as parish records.
would die before they reached He said that a St. Martin’s John Kleinmann, Paul Jones - still a topic of discussion today Oberbürgermeister Sierau, at
America. Phillips Lytle LLP, Joe Bernhardt including an interactive exhibit at left, receives sports jerseys from
Lutheran Church was formed in and Michelle Andersen- Aurubis the National Soccer Museum in Greg Engle.
But today, their descendants 1840 in Nipperwiese, Germany. Buffalo Inc. and Stephen Ver- Dortmund. Later that same eve-

still sing God’s praises in the Unfortunately, the Prussian gov- mette - Buffalo State College. ning, the BDSCC treated the FC brought a proclamation from
modest, white clapboard Evan- ernment was demanding that they Also on this trip was the entire FC Buffalo team to dinner at Wenk- Mayor Byron Brown about Alex-
gelical Lutheran church after join the Union Church.
Buffalo soccer team led by Nick ers restaurant. ander von Humboldt; and Nick

which Martinsville is named. Thus, in June, 1843, the con- Mendola along with his staff and Friday, May 10 The Buffalo Mendola, FC Buffalo.

So says Dennis Sattelberg, the gregants boarded three ships and fans. delegation was received at the Over 120 people were in at-
great-great-great-grandson of sailed to America.
FC Buffalo arrived earlier in Rathaus on Friedenplatz by Ober- tendance including members of
Gottfried Sattelberg, who led the Sattelberg described the the week as part of a multi game bürgermeister Sierau. Opening city government, the office of
settlers here and was wealthy crowded conditions onboard and spring training session before the remarks started with OB Sierau economic development, the chan-
enough to finance the journey for mentioned the illness, stench of season starts in Buffalo. Nick who displayed his FC Buffalo cellor and professors from TU
those who otherwise could not chamber pots and vomit of pas- Mendola first met OB Sierau last scarf over the podium followed Dortmund and students from past
have afforded it. Sattelberg spoke sengers seasick from bouncing on year in April when the Dortmund by Fiona Evans, U.S. Consul Buffalo Dortmund student ex-
proudly of his genealogy and the the waves.
delegation came to Buffalo to cel- General to Germany; Klaus We- changes. Following the speeches
congregation’s history at the He recounted a story told to ebrate the city’s first official visit gener, president of the Auslands- the ceremony concluded with the
April 11 meeting of the Historical him by grandfather Adolf Sattel- as a sister city.
gesellschaft; Greg Engle, signing of the Golden Book by
Society of North German Settle- berg who heard it from great- During that time, the Buffalo president BDSCC; Steven Ver- Buffalo-Dortmund President En-
ments in Western New York held grandfather Johann: “About half Dortmund Committee set up a mette, Buffalo State College who gle.
at the Wheatfield Community way to New York, a severe storm viewing party of the Borussia
Center. came up with such force that it Dortmund vs FC Schalke 04

The early congregants includ- destroyed the main mast of the match that weekend at Més Que
ed people with surnames of ship and its rudder. With no way on Hertel Ave. FC Buffalo along
Thiele as in the former Thiele’s to steer the ship, it floated wher- with Buffalo BVB fans filled the
Dairy, Schulz, Sahr, Wurl, Dorn- ever the wind and currents took soccer bar and during the half, a
feld, Hermann, Fritz and it.”
scarf saying “For Our City” was
Grosskopf. The passengers wanted to re- presented to OB Sierau. It was at

In a post-meeting on-site in- turn to Germany but the captain this event that he invited the FC
terview, Sattelberg showed the told them that that was not possi- Buffalo soccer team to Dortmund
cemetery in the parish yard where ble because he could not steer. in 2019 to play during the DORT-
many of the original settlers are They complained to Gottfried that BUNT! Festival.
buried. He showed the choir room if he had not lent them the money On Thursday, May 9 FC Buf-
and pipe organ which is played at for the trip they would be safe in falo arrived in Dortmund after an
the 9 a.m. Sunday Communion Germany instead of starving to opening match against FC St.
service. Also on his tour was the death.
Pauli 2 in Hamburg. That after-
cafeteria where the parish serves continued on page 12 OB Sierau and representatives of all partner cities.
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