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Vol. 7 No. 1 February - March 2019 Issue Complimentary

Germany pledges hands-on North German historical society holds program
role at UN Security Council on formation and history of Walmore church
Descendant of original

The INF treaty, Vene- settler discusses migration,
reads from diary
zuela and climate change:
by Alfred Karney
These are just some of the
Anybody familiar with the
areas Germany wants to area between North
Tonawanda and Sanborn
tackle in its two-year stint knows such names as Walck, Wil-
liams and Milleville. The former
on the international body. two are the names of roads and the
latter is the name of a farm. German
Foreign Minister Among the names of the area’s
Heiko Maas repre- inhabitants are Haseley, Walck,
sented Germany at the Unit- Pfohl, Kroening, Wendt and
Schultz. According to Martha Hase-
ed Nations Security Council ley, these were the names of some
of the area’s first settlers in 1843.
session recently for the first Haseley herself is a descendant of St. Peter’s Evangelical Lutheran Church,
Charlotte Haseley, who came to the
time since Berlin took over a area at that time with her six or
seven sons. She said these early
non-permanent seat on the German FM Heilo Maas settlers came from the Pomeranian Jan. 17 meeting of the Historical spective, Haseley mentioned that
towns of Wallmow, Bergholz, Nip- Society of North German Settle- in 1843 Suspension Bridge, now
body at the beginning of the year. on the Council, the German gov- perwiese and Uckermark. ments in Western New York, held Niagara Falls, had a population of
in the Wheatfield Community 1300, the French Castle at Fort
Maas told the session, which ernment has earmarked four key A number of Huguenots had Center. Niagara was already 117 years old
emigrated to these towns prior to and the Tuscaroras had been on
focused on climate change and goals: Peace, justice, innovation, 1843. Their names were DeVantier, Haseley began with a “quick their reservation for 40 years.
DuBois and Milleville. There was trip in pictures” from Wallmow, However, the railroad track that
conflict, that it was crucial for and partnership. Ahead of the UN also Williams, as in the former Wil- Germany, to Walmore, NY. crosses Walmore Road. was just
liams Brothers department store in about to be built and Sanborn
international policy to better re- meeting, Maas told DW how Ger- Lockport. They joined their German She said that Wallmow is near would not come into being until
neighbors and today their names the Polish border, west of the Od- 1866. The Frontier House in
flect the dangers posed by global many aims to take a hands-on ap- appear in the local telephone direc- er River. The settlers left to es- Lewiston was only ten years old
tory as well. cape religious oppression. In but it was the best hotel west of
warming. proach to tackling crises and 1817, Friederich Wilhelm formed Albany.
These immigrants founded a a union between the Lutheran and
"Climate change is real, it is conflicts around the world. church, St. Peter’s Evangelical Lu- Reformed churches. As a result, Haseley ended the program by
theran, now at 6168 Walmore Rd. Lutherans could not send their showing a silent home movie of
having a global impact, and it is On disarmament: Its founding and its anniversary 100 children to Lutheran schools and the church’s centennial celebra-
years later were the subject of a they could not worship in Luther- tion on Sept. 26, 1943. She said
increasingly becoming a threat to Disarmament is "the biggest program Haseley presented at the an churches or churches with the church was decorated with
steeples. over 30 baskets of flowers and
peace and security. This is why issue" on Germany's agenda and was “packed.” Loudspeakers were
They sailed south on the Oder set up in the basement to accom-
the debate about the political con- Berlin is particularly concerned and west on the Finow Canal and modate the overflow. Two days
the Havel River to the Elbe. From later, 1000 people were served a
sequences of climate change be- about the future of the Intermediate there, they sailed northwest roast chicken dinner. A model of
through Hamburg to the North the church building sat on top of
longs here – the Security Range Nuclear Forces (INF) treaty, Sea and the Atlantic. Those who the cake that had 100 candles.
formed St. Peter’s sailed on the
Council," Maas said, delivering Maas said. Sir Isaac Newton.

his speech in English. "It must Germany was eager to "help

become routine for us to take the create an understanding" between

link between climate and security the U.S. and Russia amid tensions

into account in all conflict situa- between both countries over the

tions." Cold War-era accord.

The minister also called for The U.S. has pledged to with-

immediate rapid-action measures draw from the treaty, which bans

for hard-hit areas and greater ac- both countries from building mid-

cess to information about climate range ballistic missiles, in early

risks. February. Washington and Berlin

For its two-year membership continued on page 8

Kepler – part of Burchfield’s Celestial Journey After arriving in the U.S., they Haseley also read excerpts
continued north on the Hudson from her mother’s 1943 diary.
Scientists, like artists, study Sunday, Feb. 10, 2019. Polish-born Renaissance scientist, and then west 363 miles through Farmers refuted the notion that the
materials, people, culture, his- In collaboration with the Buf- Nicolaus Copernicus (b. Feb. 19, 83 locks on the Erie Canal. The price of butter was too high at a
tory, religion, mythology – and 1473), the 400th anniversary of the trip on the canal took five to seven dollar per pound in response to
learn to transform information in- falo and Erie County Public Li- release of Johannes Kepler’s Har- days on packet boats drawn by letters newspaper readers wrote to
to something else. In collaboration brary (B&ECPL), The Center is monices Mundi (1619) and the first horses or mules. the editor the previous week, chil-
with A Musical Feast, the cham- displaying three one-of-a-kind, time the B&ECPL has shown all dren went on a horse-drawn sleigh
ber music group created by retired first edition books by revolution- three works together. Over the course of the jour- ride, $1100 was raised for church
Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra ary astronomers as part of Mile- ney, several children died but sev- missions, a collection was taken
Concertmaster Charles Haupt, the stones of Science, a collection of The first day of the Celestial eral were born. for pastors in the army, the church
Burchfield Penney Art Center at rare books by world famous early Journey celebration will feature a was decorated for the first time,
SUNY Buffalo State,1300 Elm- scientists that form a veritable his- panel discussion on Thursday, Feb. During their first year in Niag- some contracted scarlet fever.
wood Ave., Buffalo, will present tory of science. 7 at 6:30 p.m. in the Peter and Eliz- ara, many families lived together English confirmation was held
Celestial Journey, a two-day cel- abeth C. Tower Auditorium. The in the same house but then they one week after German confirma-
ebration of talks, rare book exhibit Acquired in the late 1930s by presentation is free with museum bought houses that had been tion.
and performances paying tribute the Buffalo Museum of Science, admission. owned by Mennonites in the
to composers and astronomers they are now housed by the Lockport-Walmore road area. Also, up to 50 people were in
who looked to the heavens to see B&EPCL. The Almagest (Ptole- On Friday, Feb. 8, A Musical a house visiting a soldier on fur-
the world in new ways. my, 2nd century AD), De revolu- Feast will perform works with as- Haseley gave credit to the lough because they did not know
tionibus (Copernicus, 1543) and tronomical themes in the Peter and church’s early pastors, including if they would ever see him again.
The Burchfield Penney Art Harmonices Mundi (Kepler 1619) Elizabeth C. Tower Auditorium. Rev. Heinrich von Rohr and Rev. Also, toilets were installed in the
Center has The Milestones of Sci- will be on view. John Andres August Grabau. church as well as in someone’s
ence Exhibit on view now through General admission $20; Burch- Washington Hunt helped the first house. And, a malfunctioning
The display will mark three field Penney members $10. For de- pastors in establishing the church. clutch was a recurrent theme.
milestones – the 546th birthday of tails, call 716 876-6011.
To put the founding of the
church and community in per-
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