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Vol. 6 No. 3 June - July 2018 Issue Complimentary

40th anniversary of Buffalo Dortmund Sister City
Committee brings Dortmund’s mayor to Buffalo

HALFWAY TO OKTOBERFEST at Flying Bison Brewery in Buf- by Amber Gray

falo was held on April 7, 2018. It was coordinated by the Buffalo- Fancy cars and elegantly
dressed dignitaries arrived at
Dortmund Sister Cities Committee to celebrate the joining of 12:30 p.m. April 15, 2018 at
the Buffalo Yacht Club for the Buf-
cultures, between Germany and Western New York. Proceeds from falo Dortmund Sister City Commit-
tee’s 40th Anniversary Celebration.
the event – which included a night of live music by the Auslanders, A SISTER CITIES CELEBRATION: From left to right are: Mat-
The Buffalo Dortmund Sister
raflles and the unveiling of a new Dortmund-style lager, will go City Committee gave special thanks thew Collard, Honorary Consul for Germany in Buffalo; Joseph
to those who supported the organi-
toward its student exchange programs. Greg Engle, event coordina- zation and the Sister City partner- Roetter, master of ceremonies; Lord Mayor Ullrich Sierau Stadt
ship with Dortmund including the
tor in suspenders (above), welcomed guests and joined his wife Lynn Honorable Lord Mayor Ullrich Si- Dortmund, Dortmund Buergermeister; Mark Poloncarz, Erie
erau, Stadt Dortmund.
for a drink. photos by Steve Dlugosz County Executive; Lynn Engle, director of Buffalo Dortmund
Mayor Sierau expressed his ap-
preciation to Buffalo saying, Student Exchanges, and Gregory Engle, president of the Buffalo
“Thank you for all the work you’re
doing, it’s good to come here and Dortmund Sister Cities. photos by Steven Kroczynski
experience the qualities you have
here.” anniversary there will be “better changes. The Dortmund Sister
weather.” City Committee and student ex-
Mayor Sierau continuously change program is a non-for-prof-
poured out compliments upon the President of Buffalo Dort- it organization, all endeavors are
Buffalo community, Joseph Roet- mund Sister City Committee En- volunteer driven.
ter, the president of the Federation gle also shared a few words. He
German American Societies and expressed how happy and proud There was a presence of Ger-
vice president-treasurer of Buffalo he felt to be celebrating the 40th man culture at the anniversary cel-
Dortmund Sister City Committee, anniversary. “Can’t put it into ebration as Dan Wilke, dressed in
and Gregory Engle, the president of words,” said Engle. traditional German clothing,
the Buffalo Dortmund Sister City played music from an authentic
Committee. The program has been a part German hand organ grinder.
of his life for a long time. Now to Brenda Brown, a member of the
Mayor Sierau said how fortu- be called president of the organi- committee brought souvenirs and
nate Dortmund is to have Buffalo as zation is “overwhelming, a feel- photos from Germany.
a partner. “We are very lucky and ing of gratitude, and a real sense
happy to partner with Buffalo, it’s of pride,” said Engle. Emerson Barr, Buffalo Mayor
an honor to be here,” he said. The Byron Brown’s Sister Cities liai-
partnership that Buffalo shares with He has been involved since son, made an appearance, and said
Dortmund, Germany, allows for 1982 as a student in the exchange he hopes to see “continuing
healthy economic and cultural program where he met his future growth, events like this, and ex-
growth in both cities he said. wife Lynn who was also a stu- pose more people to sister cities in
dent. general.”
Not to Buffalonians surprise,
there was an ice storm the night Lynn is now the director of continued on page 5
before. Seizing the opportunity, Buffalo Dortmund Student Ex-
many joked about Buffalo’s idio-
Buffalo Dortmund Sister City syncratic weather including Mayor Dan Wilke, dressed in traditional German clothing, provided mu-
Committee Facebook photo. Sierau. “Since there’s no spring, sic from his authentic German hand organ grinder.
summer must be coming soon,” said
Mayor Sierau. Though Buffalo
weather isn’t always favorable, the
mayor of Germany referred to Buf-
falo as “a very good place.”

Upon Mayor Sierau’s invitation
to Buffalo for this celebration, de-
spite his busy schedule, he decided
to make an appearance. “We are
here because we have a strong rela-
tionship,” said Mayor Sierau.

He believes the partnership be-
tween Buffalo and Dortmund will
continue to prosper and advance.
“We will have a 50th anniversary,”
said Mayor Sierau.

More people are contributing
and more young people are getting
involved in Buffalo Dortmund Stu-
dent Exchanges. Mayor Sierau jok-
ingly predicted: at the future 50th
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