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Vol. 6 No. 4 August - September 2018 Issue Complimentary

Popularity of ancestral research is evident

at Palatines conference in Buffalo

Bob Land, National Steuben Society Council chair, presents 5th There are TV shows, books
anniversary plaque to Erich Reidell, chair, Samuel Helm Unit 144. and websites dedicated to
finding one’s roots. But,
Samuel Helm Unit 144 of Steuben when it comes down to it, those
seeking information about their an-
Society celebrates fifth anniversary cestors face a lot of legwork as they
wade through piles of information.
by Martin Ederer
The Palatines to America, a
Buffalo’s Samuel Helm Unit 144 of the Steuben Society of America German Genealogy Society confer-
celebrated its fifth anniversary in a series of festivities held during ence in Buffalo June 13-16, 2018,
included everything from work-
the first weekend of June. shops for beginners to tours of local
Present for the celebrations Baron Friedrich Wilhelm von photos by Steven Kroczynski
was the National Chairman of the Steuben was instrumental in turn- PalAm national president Ro-
Steuben Society of America, Bob ing the American Continental Ar- berta Newcomer wrote in the sum-
Land, along with a delegation of my into a fighting force capable of mer issue of The Palatine Patter,
dignitaries from downstate, who standing up to British forces during “My understanding is that this con-
presented a plaque to the Buffalo the American Revolution. Steu- ference had the largest attendance
unit. ben’s Regulations for the Order Pal-Am has seen at a national con-
and Discipline of the Troops of ference in quite some time. The
On Friday, June 1, the delega- the United States became the of- vendor room was buzzing between
tion was treated to dinner at Buf- ficial U.S. Army drill manual un- sessions with folks buying books,
falo’s original Anchor Bar for til 1812. maps and t-shirts or talking with the
wings. Saturday, June 2 featured a representatives of German organi-
beef-on-weck lunch at Schwabl’s Steuben became an especially zations. The highlights of the eve-
Restaurant and a trip to Buffalo celebrated figure among German- ning banquet were the giving of
Botanical Gardens. A dinner ca- Americans as they faced discrimi-
tered by Scharf’s Restaurant at the nation during and immediately af- continued on page 9
formal anniversary celebration ter the First World War.
took place at the clubhouse of the
Villas in Brierwood in Hamburg, Steuben stood as proof that
NY. German-Americans were patriotic
from the very beginnings of the
On Sunday June 3, the guests United States. Buffalo’s Samuel
were invited to the annual St. Ann Helm Unit is named for Buffalo’s
German Mass at St. Louis Church first German-American citizen,
and also a special tour of the who died in 1813 when the British
church and its archives led by par- burned Buffalo during late opera-
ish historian Michael Riester. tions in the War of 1812.

Baron von Steuben Drilling Troops at Valley Forge by E. A. Abbey
(c.1904) in the Pennsylvania State Capitol, Harrisburg.
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