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Vol. 6 No. 3 December 2017 - January 2018 Complimentary

is the only show of its kind
The Roman Catholic Diocese constructive solu-
of Buffalo has put up for
sale St. Ann Church on tion that would pre-
Broadway in Buffalo.
serve an important
The long-time home for Ger-
by Matthew Kushner man American Catholics in West- artistic and cultural
ern New York was built in 1886
The German Radio Show and features a 32-foot high altar, monument built by
hosted by Herman Endres hand-carved woodwork and 35
Jr. on WXRL AM 1300 is stained glass windows from the the sacrifices of our
famed Bavarian Art Works in Mu-
nich, Germany. immigrant ances-

the only German show currently According to the Diocese, The tors. We are disap-
Apostolic Signatura, the Vatican’s
broadcasting in Western New highest judicial court, has ruled that pointed but
Bishop Richard J. Malone, bishop
York. It has been on local radio for of Buffalo, was within his rights to certainly not sur-
issue a decree on Aug. 14, 2013,
over 60 years. The hour-long show closing St. Ann Church on Broad- prised by the tenac-
way in Buffalo.
can be heard every Sunday at 4 ity of the diocese in
Martin Ederer, a parishioner
p.m. and co-chair of the Friends of St. pursuing this out-
Ann’s, said, “We have attempted
The German Radio Show be- Inge and Herman Endres Jr. for years – generally with little suc- come.”
cess – to work in a respectful Chris-
gan broadcasting in Buffalo in the putting together the right blend of tian spirit with the diocese toward a For the past
male and female vocals, group vo-
mid 1950s on WWOL and was cals, instrumentals, slow, fast and, four years, the Dio-

hosted by Herman Endres. He was especially for an ethnic show, a cese of Buffalo has
mix of the time-honored
later joined by his son, Herman sing-a-longs and Okto- been unable to
berfest style music,”
Endres Jr. in 1959. The show con- Endres Jr. said. move forward due to an appeal Apostolic Signatura, which re-
From the begin- versed the decision, stating, “The
tinued on WWOL until 1970 ning, the show’s filed by Friends of St. Ann with decree of the Bishop of Buffalo of
main purpose was to 14 August 2013 retains its original
when Lou Schriver play German and the Vatican Congregation for the force.”

invited the father- Austrian music for the thousands Clergy, which decided in favor of “Now that the Vatican has
of German-Americans living in ruled, the decision to close the
son radio team to the Western New York region. keeping the parish open.
The show featured the always pop- continued on page 4
join his brand-new ular folk songs, brass band music, The Diocese in its announce-
Rheinlanders and polkas.
radio station, ment of Nov. 21 stated the ruling
Most of the music was pur-
WXRL in Lancaster. chased in Germany, where, as was appealed by the diocese to the
owners of Endres Travel Service,
The German Radio
continued on page 6
Show has been on WXRL ever


After his father’s death in

1985, Herman Jr. took over the

role of host and was joined a few

years later by his wife, Inge.

“My favorite part of doing the

show is producing it, putting it

together every week. You can add

to the listeners enjoyment a lot by

Call for proposals: We need you for

Deutschlandjahr in the U.S. 2018/19!

The public diplomacy campaign “Deutschlandjahr” (Year of Germa-
ny) is coming! Starting in October 2018, Germany and its deep ties with
the U.S. will be on display all around America. The public can help
celebrate by submitting ideas for projects that showcase the countries’
partnership in the areas of culture, education, science, and business.
Proposals are due by Jan. 20, 2018.

Deutschlandjahr is a comprehensive and collaborative public diplo-
macy campaign sponsored by the German Federal Foreign Office, the
Federation of German Industries (BDI), and the Goethe Institut with the
goal of presenting today’s Germany to people across the entire U.S. The
goal is to show how closely the two countries are linked by heritage,
common values, and shared interests. Organizers hope Deutschlandjahr
will illustrate how Germany and the U.S. can have a brighter future if
they tackle global challenges together.

Have a great idea that should be part of Deutschlandjahr? It could be
a German pop concert in Des Moines, a German engineering expo in
Mobile, or another project that fosters dialogue and exchange. Perhaps
you want to be a part of the traveling roadshow we are planning.
Organizers invite cultural, educational, and scientific institutions, busi-
ness and trade associations, and all organizations currently engaged in
transatlantic dialogue to submit their project proposals through our
online application system by January 20, 2018.

Questions? The Deutschlandjahr team is happy to answer any ques-
tions. Contact them by email ( or call +1
(202) 851-3300. For details online visit
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