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California conference reunites world travelers

The International German Ge-
nealogy Partnership Con-
ference was held in Sacramento,

CA in June, with the theme

“Strike It Rich with Connections

2 Discoveries.” This is a joint

effort of over 40 genealogy orga-

nizations in the U.S. and Germa-

ny to aid those researching their

family history.

This year the conference was

hosted by the Sacramento Ger-

man Genealogy Society. Linda

Schmieder, Jay Wopperer, Bar-

bara Keil, and Elaine Timm at-

tended from the WNY area. WNYers at the IGGP Conference. Turn Verein of Sacramento.
The conference was preceded

by walking tours of the Califor- mark region of Germany in

nia State Library and State Ar- 2008. While they were sitting at

chives. The local Turn Verein of the banquet table, two ladies

Sacramento hosted a Biergarten, asked to take empty seats. One

with traditional food, dancing of the ladies was Lois Richter, of

and music. Davis, CA, who had also been on

Next, there were three days the 2008 trip. They had lost con-

of workshops, from 8 a.m. to 4 tact over time, but then ended up

p.m. every day, led by experts at the same dinner table!

from the U.S. and Germany, Barbara had arranged to meet

speaking on general as well as Fred Haseley, who lives in Ro-

specific topics. seville, outside Sacramento. He

Between sessions “mini” runs the genealogy site

workshops were presented by, which is a

sponsors including Ancestry, My popular site for researching an-

Heritage, Family Search, Ar- cestors of German families who planned for Cincinnati, OH in

chion, authors and experts. There settled in the Town of Wheat- July 16-18, 2021. For details

were numerous books for sale, field in Niagara County. visit their website at

along with special prices for The conference is held every, or find

DNA kits from the more familiar two years. The next one is them on Facebook.

companies and from some newer


A basket auction and raffle

was held during the first day.

Linda Schmieder won a package

of online genealogy courses

worth over $4,000!

The WNY participants met

up with other members of the

Palatines to America Society, in-

cluding Gary Finkell, national

president, and his wife Lucretia.

Linda had organized their na-

tional conference in Buffalo last


Elaine had made arrange-

ments to share a room with Dor-

othy Pretare, who lives in Renton

WA, near Seattle. They had trav-

eled with a group to the Ucker-

Time out for a California gold

Have a question, com-
ment, or concern about the
Upstate New York German
community? Contact us at
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